Your inward Journey is the most important Journey you will ever take. On this Journey you will find truth, your truth. Often experiences in our lives lead us to believe that we are not worthy or lovable. We are left feeling sad or lonely or angry or less than. And then we think that that is who we are. We are unhappy or discontent or restless and don’t know what to do or think there is nothing to be done.

Our wounds determine how we live. Wounds that opened when we were not loved, when we where left out, when we were not understood, when we we were hurt, when we had pain. And here we are as adults wondering how did this happen, how do I get out of here. 

The way out is self love.

I believe we can come to love and accept ourselves for who we really are if we are willing to go on that inward journey.

I will accompany you on your inward journey – I will hold space for you and honour your life.”

What I Offer

Talk therapy through Gestalt Therapy 

Shamanic Journeys and Ceremonies  through Algonquin First Nations tradition and Peruvian Mountain traditions 

Energy work through Reiki 

Investment/Energetic exchange/ $90 per session

Gestalt ~ Shamanic Ceremonies ~ Reiki ~ Heart & Soul Healing

To educate people of their spiritual nature & to heal their life

Gestalt Therapy

The only place we truly live is in the present moment. That mindfulness or awareness we hear so much about exists in the here-and-now. This is the only place where we can authentically know and experience ourselves. So often the past interrupts our present, or the future whisks us away and we are left wondering where is our life anyway. Gestalt Therapy has a focus on the present and in particular; how do you feel or what are you aware of right now. We live in our physical body and by paying attention to it we can begin to know what we need to know about ourselves. Our feelings and emotions and thoughts are all known through our physical body. The memories of the past still reside within us - the pain and hurt hangs on until we consciously agree to let it go. The goal of this Therapy is to be responsible for our lives - no more blame or confusion or avoidance. Always we have choice; but choice only comes with awareness. We can't change or heal what we don't know. Awareness can bring us clarity and in Gestalt we do this by focusing on the what and how (not the why) of our feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Gestalt Therapy is an experiential therapy – experience your self as you are: face your fears, challenge your limited thinking and honestly exam your behavior - begin to respond and not react. Make yourself available to you in the present moment. There is no judgement - just you here and now looking for your truth A session is usually 60-90 minutes

Shamanic Ceremonies

I am a mesa carrier through Jose Luis Herrera of Cusco Peru, Inca Mountain traditions. I hold a medicine bundle through Pete Bernard (Algonquin Medicine Man) Algonquin First Nations of Pikwakanagan Ontario I have received Medicine Rites and Rites of Passage for all the Ceremonies I do. And full permission from my Teachers to perform these Ceremonies. As Pete Bernard says – the greater injustice is not to heal.

Your inward Shamanic journey is the most important journey you will ever start. It is your spiritual journey - where you will find you – the real you , not the conditioned you, but the you that is Spirit, the you that is Soul, the you who's Heart is Love . The you that has been waiting to be remembered. The you that was forgotten, discarded and dis-believed. Along the way you will find new friends – self love, self worth, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude. The journey that will bring you into self-expression and self-fulfilment, into purposefulness. This is a journey of deep healing – going beyond the symptoms and down into the energetic root cause of all that holds you back from living the life you came here to live. The Shamanic journey is an extraordinary one of discovery. You can expect to meet sadness, grief, loss, anger,regret, shame, guilt. These have always walked with you anyway under the disguise of co-dependence, addiction, fear, denial, isolation. They don't need to control you any more.

It is through our own experience that we learn and then we become the authority on our own lives.

Mission : to facilitate and support healing life's traumas and growth into an authentic life with the understanding that we are not alone and that we are spirit


Reiki was developed in Japan in the 1920's by Mikao Usui. It is essentially a technique that reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Beyond the physical effects, Reiki is considered to be a Spiritual guided life force that is guided by spiritual consciousness – Reiki will always work for your own best good. The technique involves a series of hand positions that move from top of client's head to the bottom of of their feet. A session will last about an hour Client remains fully clothed.

Are you ready to take the next step?

To heal heart and soul while here on earthly journey so may come to remember true spiritual nature

Mission Statement: My love to the world is to help you heal and
become all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this life time.

“I had so many good things to say I just couldn’t decide how to put them all together!  Here’s a go-

“Working with Margaret has helped me let go and not be afraid of heavy energy.  She is a patient and sturdy guide with reliable intuition and a kind heart.  I have made several new realizations about myself and feel more empowered to face what I need to face.  I am so grateful.”

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