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Gestalt is all about awareness in the here and now 

Life just is and each person needs to own and live their own life. If there is an end game in Gestalt it is to take  responsibility for  your life – no more blaming or excuses or shrinking. Response – ability – to respond to what is actually happening here and now and not there and then and not out of fear or sadness or regret or anything other than what is happening in this  present moment.

Everything you need to know you already know within you – you are everything already –you  just need to uncover what is there – peel the onion – take away the layers that we use for protection  and  at the same time prevents us from living wholly  in the moment. Double edged sword –will I protect myself or will I take the risk and grow.

In Gestalt what we look at is the how and the what of our living. Why only gets us muddled in our head with thoughts and judgments and shoulds.

Awareness is what Gestalt always comes back to – and with awareness we come to discover the blocks that keep us out of awareness – the blocks that inhibit the free flow of ourselves, our emotions and thoughts and feelings and spirituality. We need to look at optimal life as a process, there is always change – and if there are blocks then we do not change, we do not grow to be who we really are, the past or the future plunks itself in font of us and there we stay.

Awareness is at bottom of all gestalt therapy sessions – start with the breath –  breath right here and right now and let go of all other time.

In Gestalt we experience our emotions – not talk about them.

Gestalt therapy’s intention is to have you experience your self – not the self you think you should be, not the self others want you to be – the self you really are, the self you have always known but never lived.

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