Peruvian Shamanic Ceremonies

Your inward Shamanic journey is the most important journey you will ever start. It is your spiritual journey – where you will find you – the real you , not the conditioned you, but the you that is Spirit, the you that is Soul, the you who’s Heart is Love . The you that has been waiting to be remembered. The you that was forgotten, discarded and dis-believed. Along the way you will find new friends – self love, self worth, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude. The journey that will bring you into self-expression and self-fulfilment, into purposefulness. This is a journey of deep healing – going beyond the symptoms and down into the energetic root cause of all that holds you back from living the life you came here to live. The Shamanic journey is an extraordinary one of discovery. You can expect to meet sadness, grief, loss, anger,regret, shame, guilt. These have always walked with you anyway under the disguise of co-dependence, addiction, fear, denial, isolation. They don’t need to control you any more.

Despacho Ceremony

The Despacho is often referred to as a prayer bundle. And on our healing path the Despacho addresses what we want to bring into our life or what we wish to let go of.

Like the offering to the Fire, the Despacho … “is a giving back, an honouring of the earth in gratitude for all its gifts. As you give this offering you bring to the Ceremony your prayers and requests to the spirit world.” (Don Manuel Q’espi as translated by Jose Luis Herrera)

The Despacho is built in layers representing many aspects of our lives – honouring how Pachamama provides for us, our own expression of love and fulfilment and our connection to Spirit.

The Despacho is generally filled with organic material such as seeds, grains,dried fruit

The Despacho may be created in a group or with an individual. Each person involved is given a number of coco leaves (substitute bay leaves in North America) to be divided into groups of 3 called a kintu. Each person then blows their intent into the kintu which is placed into the Despacho.

Despacho is often burned but can also be placed in water or buried in the earth.

Golden Light Healing

Fire Ceremony

The Fire is about healing and transformation. We come to the Fire  to let go of what no longer serves us: our traumas, our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our nature, our story. We ask the Fire to take our heavy wounded energy and to receive back energy that brings us into love and light.

Is a beautiful participatory ceremony. We stand in Circle and open up sacred space by calling in the 4 directions and above and below. There is rattling and singing. Each person comes to the fire with an offering – something natural picked from mother earth. The offering is an exchange for what we are about to receive. With our breath we blow our intent into the offering and place it into the Fire. We release our heavy energy into the Fire also with our breath. And bring the light healing energy of the Fire into our chakra centres. We seek to live in wisdom, love and honourable relationship.

 We step out of our ordinary time and consciousness and enter into the space of spirit where we are not alone and will always be supported. As we ask, so we receive.

Soul Retrieval

In Shamanism there is the belief that here on Earth we are actually on our soul’s journey. It is our spiritual nature that has  more importance. Our physical life is just how we travel. Our Soul is here to be fulfilled and expressed, to experience, to grow and to evolve. There is something that can be learned or healed or developed here on earth and our body is a vessel for our soul so that may happen.

When we  are born our soul has  the understanding and the remembering that we are whole and that we have value and purpose.

That soul expression is often blocked by trauma –we encounter rejection, abandonment, betrayal –  especially as children  when we are our most vulnerable. And without understanding that our parents or other adults in our lives are wounded and unable to give us what we need in the way that we need it – we think there is something wrong with us and we turn away or against ourselves and become a stranger to our true selves.

The conditioning that happens in our homes,families,schools, churches and society in general doesn’t consider what we as individuals need and we end up growing apart from who we truly are. We become who we are ‘suppose to be ‘ rather than unfolding what lies within. We let go of transcending or evolving in favour of acceptance and conditional love. We develop a ‘concrete mind’ (J-L) in hopes of being protected from pain and mis-understanding.

The soul’s response to this sometimes is to escape looking for a safe place. Sometimes the soul comes back and sometimes it doesn’t. This can lead to a life of discontent, always looking, never finding.

There is a Ceremony to facilitate the Soul’s return – a remembering of your  wholeness – bring you back Home to your wholeness – back  to where you belong – within – with love in your heart and engagement with your world – stepping onto your path of purpose with an intent and knowing that keeps you grounded in that purpose.

Algonquin Medicine Man ~ Pete Bernard

The 8th Fire

Shamanism is always working at an energetic level. Always looking for the root cause of the wound. Healing at an energetic level. Bringing you back to who you really are. Helping you to remember your true healed state. Helping you to get back on path of soul’s journey. Remembering your purpose in this life’s journey here on earth.  To live fulfilled

There are many Ceremonies to address many issues. The purpose of  each is to help you remember who you truly are – to change your perspective on your life – from victim to healed and whole – from self sabotage to self love – from fear to love – from lassitude to action – from consciousness of wounded  to consciousness of becoming

Ceremonies may be done in person or at a distance

Ceremonies address the 3 worlds we live in – lower, middle and upper – travel to each and return with new understanding/knowing/ consciousness of where you have been in your life and where do you choose to go now

Ceremonies may bring you to’ new’ truths about who you are – especially how you were treated(as child) is not who you are and the things that have happened to you don’t identify you


Love is everything – it is the only Truth

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