Margaret helped me process and grow through what is possibly the most difficult time in my life – going through Cancer diagnosis and treatments while dealing with the dissolution of a 15-year long-term partnership through the active treatments. She helped me trace out and tease apart the many challenging emotional issues I was experiencing, going through, and helped me see things in a different, healthier perspective. I believe that she contributed in an invaluable way to my healing process and see how some of my current perspectives and reactions stem from issues that started much earlier in my life. I am so very grateful for the wisdom, insight, and guidance she has imparted on me.

Janet Sit – SanDiego, CA


“Margaret Flood is an incredible energy worker. I have experienced an in-person energy session and distance reiki by Margaret. Both sessions were invigorating and revitalizing and, yet, relaxing and soul-soothing.With regard to promoting healing and wellness, Margaret is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and effective. If you are interested in awaking your spiritual self, I recommend Margaret.”

Jane Preston – Ch’town PEI


My decision to seek help through a Therapist is best decision I have ever made. I feel I was guided to Margaret Flood whose expertise has allowed me to explore the many layers of my life from early childhood forward. A lot of hard realities to be faced and accepted to become comfortable with myself and my choices on a daily basis. It is not easy,fast or cannot be forced.

Margaret’s continual enhancements to her education as a Gestalt Therapist,Spiritual Counselor and Medicine World are invaluable to me.

Grateful Client – PEI


“I went to see Margaret because I felt I was drifting through life. I’m so grateful that I made that first appointment. She helped me uncover and understand my emotions and the affect my past has had on my present. It’s not easy work, but so worthwhile. I am much more aware of and open to new possibilities in life and am more forgiving and compassionate toward myself and others. So grateful to you Margaret.”

Ch’town, PEI


“I had so many good things to say I just couldn’t decide how to put them all together!  Here’s a go-

“Working with Margaret has helped me let go and not be afraid of heavy energy.  She is a patient and sturdy guide with reliable intuition and a kind heart.  I have made several new realizations about myself and feel more empowered to face what I need to face.  I am so grateful.”

Lori Frison – Milton, Wisconsin


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